Protecting the Environmental

Paul Walker Demolition Services Ltd recognise their responsibility as a company to the environment, we publish this policy to demonstrate our commitment to the protection of the environment.

It is the policy of Paul Walker Demolition Services Ltd to prevent pollution as much as is reasonably feasible in all aspects of our business that have an impact on the environment.  We will seek to achieve all our organisations objectives, in an environmentally responsible manner.

We have established arrangements for the identification of the significant impacts our processes have on the environment, we have established controls, objectives and targets relating to these and continually monitor and review our performances against established targets. Management review will be the primary forum for the review of performance against objectives and targets and this environmental policy itself; this will be done as a minimum annually.

We will ensure that resources or any managerial support required is made available in order for the requirements of this policy to be maintained.  We will seek to incorporate the use of processes, practices, materials or products that are compatible with our commitment to the prevention of pollution.

Paul Walker Demolition Services Ltd will comply with all relevant current environmental legislation, regulations and other related requirements.  Through the management system we will assess new requirements and comply with all new environmental legislation.

It is the policy of the organisation to ensure that personnel involved in the organisation's operations receive appropriate training and ensure that they understand the environmental impacts of and controls related to the aspects of the business where they have responsibility.  Individuals will be trained in order to meet the requirements of relevant objectives and targets for environmental improvement.

It is the responsibility of all employees to support and apply the environmental policy to their day-to-day activities within the organisation.

This policy embraces relationships with our suppliers and customers with whom we will promote improved environmental performance through effective communication and collaborative working.

Waste & Re-use / Recycling of Materials

Paul Walker Demolition Services Ltd perform our work in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible manner, minimising noise, dust, odours, waste and inconvenience to the general public. This is achieved by numerous practices and policies designed to reduce the enviromental impact of demolition works performed by Paul Walker Demolition Services Ltd.

Additionally we recycle as much of the waste as possible to minimise the volume of Soft Strip/Demolition waste going to landfill by seperating the generated materials into appropiate waste streams and disposing of the material offsite to authorised recycling centres.


Paul Walker Demolition Services Ltd strive to encourage clients to Crush and stockpile hardcore material arising from demolition works for re-use when appropiate. The benefits of crushing materials are various, however the most signifficant of these benefits are the reduced pollution to the environment and an overall reduced project cost to the client. Crushing is becoming increasingly popular in this age of greater environmental awareness and Paul Walker Demolition Services Ltd are pleased to be able to offer this as an option to our client base.

Cost Neutral Demolition

Paul Walker Demolition Services Ltd specialise in the de-construction of steel frame structures including the recovery of the full scrap credit value within the structures to offset against the project cost. Depending on the overall construction of the structures and any plant/equipment within, potentially we could be looking at a scenario where most/all of the structures materials can be recycled for re-useHistorically, we have completed several projects at a neutral cost to the client.


Paul Walker Demolition Services Ltd maintain an ethos of sustainability throughout the company, recycling is a core aspect of its day-to-day operations. Therefore, when surveying a demolition project, we identify items that can potentially be recycled/re-used by the client, or reclaimed and offered to the local markets. Paul Walker Demolition Services Ltd always strive to re-purpose as much materials as feasable which in turn may reduce the overall cost of the project and reduces the environmental impact of demolition works commencing.

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